Being Flipped


In my “About” I talk about being flipped. It’s the crazy feeling of having been walking along in a certain orientation and then all the sudden being flipped to a new orientation.  It would be like walking on what you think is the floor only to discover you really were walking on the ceiling. It was like that for me in 2011 after reading Frank Viola’s book “Pagan Christianity”.  Before that I had been doing the traditional church thing in full force yet something inside kept asking, “is this all there is?”.  The Bible portrays the New Testament Christians as having a full life in Christ.  They had issues but they also had something that I felt was lacking in my own walk with Jesus. So the rumblings inside myself kept rumbling till I read Frank’s book.Then for the first time it seemed like I could see. I could really see. It like the curtain being pulled on the Wizard of Oz.  Like walking behind a movie set.  The curtain fell and for the first time I could really see Christ for who He truly is and the church for who she really is.  Christ is a bridegroom who is consumed with love for His bride and we who belong to Him are His bride.  He desires us to be free not chained to tradition.  He wants us to be free to express ourselves in whatever way He has gifted us.  What I discovered is, when I express Jesus to someone else and then they express Him back, He is among us in a way that is Life.

The Curtain Was Taken Down

The Curtain Was Taken Down

I don’t need to hear another sermon.  I don’t need to attend another service.  I have had plenty of them throughout my life and very few of them brought me to the feet of Jesus.  What I need is to see the faces of my brothers and sisters in Christ functioning as Jesus intended.  Sharing with one another face to face.  Expressing Love with one another.  Serving one another as only those who truly know one another can do.  There are 58 one anothers in the Bible. I have never heard a sermon about them.  I don’t really need to I just need to live them.


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